Angol szintfelmérő


We have _______ house in Moscow

Excuse me, ________ you speak French?

What is this number? 14

How much _________ these shoes?

____ the picture there is a monkey in ____

The tree is _______ the barber shop.

What do you do?

How _______ is a jacket in this shop?

I _____ from Hungary, but my friends and family _________ in New York.

This _____ my brother. _____ name is Paul.

I have an older brother and ____ name is James.

_____ you born in London?

Last night I _______ go to the cinema. Did you ____ to call me?

What kind of pets _____ you have?

The suprise party was a disappointment as ________ turned up to celebrate with us.

Can I have a glass of water please? I don't feel well.

I have more problems in life ____ than you do.

I ___________ my hairstyle. ____ you have any suggestions?

The weather _______ bad tomorrow, we cannot go to the park.

I have ______ seen that film. I think it is amazing.

Usually I ______ to the radio in my freetime, but now I __________ my favourite book.

Tomorrow at 3 I ______ on the plane to New York. I have already bought the tickets.

I will read the instructions before I _______ using the new washing machine.

I work very ______, because I love my job.

I have ______ ideas, but my manager isn't interested in them.

Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I _____ dinner.

Look at those big black clouds!

What was the ____ part of your holiday?

Excuse me, How do I _____ to the bus station?

Could you open the door for me please? These boxes are very heavy.

Julia _______ married since she was 18.

I ___________ this soup for two hours. I feel tired.

I ________ go home by plane if I ___ enough money for the tickets.

I have got to be at work in five minutes. Don't worry, I ______ you a lift if you want.

_______ your neighbours to do favours for you?

The plane __________ at 5 pm everyday.

My car was broken last night, but my boyfriend ________ .

I _________ remember putting my briefcase down on that shelf.

I'd lived in Australia, so I was used to________ on the left side of the road.

Could you lend me your pen please?

I wish _______ more self-confidence.

More and more wild animals __________ in this area since 2012.

Would you mind ________ with my homework?

As long as you _______ nice with me, I’ll _______ you.

We are looking forward _______ on holiday as a family.

When I saw the film I ______ that I ______ it.

Don’t you think children ______ be in bed at midnight?

Are you ______ English teacher?

I have ______ experience in this, but ______ useful skills.

James could not come to the party, ______ was a pity

The fire spread through the building quickly but everybody _______ .

We moved to London ______ we ______ visit our friends more often.

______ electricity you use ,______ your bill will be.

Don't look a gift horse _________ .

Next year my parents _______ for 40 years.

Chris should have apologized ______ her _______.

Whenever I______ , I always ______ it.

The meeting __________ take place yesterday.

Let's eat out in Camden Town today, ______?

Why were you so unfriendly ______ Jane ? ______ an argument with her?

I hate _______ what to do in my freetime.

We______ by a loud noise during the night.

They are very kind to me. They treat me _______ their own son.

My brother _______ in the surgery. He______ to my warning.

_______ a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.

“A friend in need is a friend ______”.

Despite ______, I trust _______.

You will have to _______ your car _______ I can get out.

When I was young, I was often _______ for making a big mess in my mum's kitchen.

Jason ________ because he _________ his fiancé.

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