Angol szintfelmérő


Madonna is ____ pop singer.

____ your brother have a bike?

What is this number? 12

In the picture there _______

______ the table there is a vase with ______

The table is _______ the chair and the lamp.

What do you do?

How _______ is a pizza?

Gina ______ in Japan, but she and her parents ______ from Germany.

Charles and ______ cats ______ like travelling.

My boyfriend is Brazilian. ______ name’s Ricardo.

Where ______ your parents born?

When ______ she last ______ to the cinema?

What kind of clothes ______ she wear at work?

The policeman couldn’t see ______ behind the curtain.

Can I have a Coke, please?

Your car is faster ______ my car.

Where ______ you ______ tonight?

In twenty years’ time, there ______ more traffic than now.

Have you been to Egypt ______?

Usually I ______ coffee, but now I ______ tea for a change.

Tomorrow at 3:00 we ______ the Zoo. My teacher has arranged everything.

Before I ______ my homework, I’ll have dinner.

Nurses don't earn much money but work ______ .

He hasn’t got ______ money. He has no job.

What do you do? ______ .

Look at those big black clouds!

Does your mother speak foreign languages ______ ?

Jane ______ at the moment.

Would you mind if I left now?

You look exhausted and sweaty. ______ ?

Do you have any idea when ______ ?

If you could start again, _______ ?

I usually ______ home at about six in the morning, but this week I ______ a bit earlier.

I don’t understand this text. What ______ ?

Nurses ______ sick people in hospital.

The roof was damaged last night, but Jane ______ .

His hair is ______ when he left.

I can’t remember ______ at the concert last weekend.

Could you lend me your dictionary?

I wish I ______ 20 years younger.

Many people ______ since Friday.

Would you mind ______ your suitcase?

As long as you ______ nice with me, I’ll stay with you.

My husband and me are looking forward ______ on our well-deserved holiday.

When I arrived home I ______ that someone ______ into my flat.

Don’t you think children ______ be in bed at midnight?

Marie-Anne is the cousin of ______ .

He has ______ experience, but ______ useful skills.

Do you like ______ he is wearing today?

There is no point in ______ for the bus. We ______ walk.

Thanks a million, but you really ______ have given me such an expensive present.

Unless you ______ being rude to her, she’ll leave you in the near future.

Where there’s a will ______ .

By this time next year Mary and Paul ______ for 3 years. That’s something.

Chris should have apologized ______ her ______ .

Whenever I ______ his perfume, I ______ my mind.

If a fax ______ arrive, please put it on my desk.

Let’s have a game of tennis, ______ ?

’I’m going to make the most wonderful puppet’ – he told ______ in great ______ .

Do you like ______ what to write in a composition?

______ you learn, ______ you know.

My zip ______ open. It ______ do this when I’m in such a hurry.

He is the cleverest in his class. He’s as bright as ______ .

Despite ______, we had a wonderful holiday.

Our workplace has ______ .

When I was in elementary school, I was often ______ for talking a lot at lessons.

Not only ______ ,but his driving licence was taken away for 2 years.

My wife suggests ______ during the school break.

Look! Your father ______ away on a stretcher. He ______ have fainted.

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